Guyanese American Dr. George C. Fraser Continues to Crack the Black Community Economic Code


By Juliette Adams

"All the studies, surveys and statistics predict if nothing changes within our community, we will be financially destitute and enslaved by 2053." - George C. Fraser. 

Founder and Host Dr. George C. Fraser, CEO,  FraserNet, Inc.
Founder and Host Dr. George C. Fraser, CEO, FraserNet, Inc.

Within 35 years, the black community is predicted to be financially destitute and enslaved. Black political leaders must be put on notice! While neglected by prominent black leaders, the urgency of this situation is being addressed by Dr. George C. Fraser, CEO of FraserNet Inc. through the FraserNet PowerNetworking Conference, a gathering of business leaders and entrepreneurs to build economic empowerment in the black community. The conference focused on economics as the new black power whereby trust is the key factor in relationship building. The foundational principle is building power networks by using Dr. Fraser's mantra "your network is proportional to your net worth" as a guide.

The 17th conference was held at the Gaylord National Harbor on July 4-8, 2018. The celebrity facilitator Dr. Stacey NC Grant, Founder of Destiny Designers University, continuously called for Action Despite the Distraction. She highlighted the power of legacies that extend after a lifetime, illustrated through the celebration of Dr. Myles Munroe's life. He was a champion for the discovery of life's purpose and stated that the three most dynamic and crucial aspects of life are Purpose, Passion, and Vision. Unfortunately, 99% of individuals are unaware of their true purpose. This fact highlights the necessity of coaching as emphasized by Dr. George C. Fraser.

Attendees were mesmerized with the futuristic ingenuity and creativity interwoven into the experience. One was encompassed by the Wakanda experience through the sessions  Recognizing Our Brilliance as an African People by Anthony T. Browder, Can FraserNation Be Our Wakanda? If Not Now, When and With Whom by Rev. Frederick Douglass Haynes and the Wakanda Dinner. Then in a more prophetic way, attendees visualized the experience as a biblical "New Jerusalem with the number 12, as written in Revelation 21. In this visualization, Wakanda became the Holy City with walls of pure gold and a foundation of precious stones comprised of 12 gates with 12 angels and the shining glory of God. 

Speaker Dr. Randal Pickett Chairman & CEO, BCT Partners
Speaker Dr. Randal Pickett Chairman & CEO, BCT Partners

It was incredible to have speakers genuinely share their knowledge including Vanessa Braxton, CEO/President of Black Momma Brands and the first African American woman to own a nationally distributed vodka brand; Delano A. Johnson, CEO of Jonsehn Creative Group Inc. and author of "Refuse to Live Talented and Broke!" who emphasized the importance of self-investment through talents and gifts; Dr. Randal Pinkett, Chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, Inc. who shared on the power of the media to influence public opinion and Steve Downs, CEO of Financially Fit who shared his 7 Financially Fit Steps for Life. On the more practical side after the Securing Federal Contract presentation by Jim Coleman, CEO of Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation, potential business opportunities were presented through top federal procurement officers.

So empowering was the environment that attendees automatically took on a purpose-driven attitude in maximizing the available resources to the reverse the downward trend of African American's projected economic position. One of FraserNet initiatives is its faith-based Winds Financial Education Centers and Curriculum with a national goal of 10,000+ centers by 2028. The Winds Program brings wealth and economic education to the ordinary citizen, so they no longer are intimidated by financial conversations and instead gain the confidence to hold their political officials economically accountable. The other initiative, FraserNation, is a collective Citizens of Wealth organized around demonstrated excellence, equity and investment and entrepreneurial thinking.

It was phenomenal to experience black professionals and entrepreneurs genuinely guided on being exemplary community stewards. It destroyed the narrative that the black community cannot work together and that it takes other races and ethnic groups to give them economic viability. That narrative is easily accepted as true until you have the extraordinary experience of attending one of FraserNet's PowerNetworking conferences.

As Wakanda's impact was global, so must be the vision of FraserNet. Countries in the global communities such as Guyana would be a prime subject to manifest the Winds program and disprove the classification by multilateral development agencies of being the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It should be acknowledged that Guyana had the worst quality of economic leaders in recent decades although it possesses vast resources and talented human capital both nationally and in its Diaspora. Thus grassroots economic programs such as the FraserNet Winds would aggressively assist in removing the obstacle of economic stagnation and regression.

What made the 17th Conference so marvelous and novel? It was a rare experience where you saw the selfless giving of Dr. Fraser and his team sharing for the good of the community amidst the present societal turmoil. It voluntarily created within an individual the commitment and confidence to reciprocate knowing that by following Dr. Fraser's mandate and systemized approach, individuals have the tools to be economic game changers in their community. It shifts the paradigm from "gimme America you owe me" to "support my community to rise to greater heights," thereby putting leaders from both political parties on alert that the change agents for global transformation have arrived. Thus the aggressive journey is in full motion to continuously build transferable intergenerational wealth and have black businesses be the number one employers of blacks in the 21st century.

Share the message! Plan to attend and bring a young person to the 18thPower Networking Conference in Houston, Texas, June 26-29, 2019. Visit for further information.

Juliette Adams is the creator of The Frederick Press. She is also a Project Management Consultant specializing in community development initiatives and the author of the Gifted and Magical 95 percent mini-book series. She obtained her Bachelor in Business Administration from Howard University and Master in Security Policy/Law and Society from American University.

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